Suso Likely Not Returning to Liverpool Anytime Soon

Currently playing for Milan as an attacking midfielder, the well-known football player Suso would like to return to Liverpool, but is currently under contract. His full name is Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre, but he goes by Suso. His return is not likely unless he were to break that expensive contract. Previously he had played for Liverpool from 2012 to 2015 but had not had the best track record. If you’re curious about different football news including games, match descriptions and transfers which are talked about the most in countries like England, Poland, etc. you can click here and read more about it from a different perspective and try to gain new insight into how these things work.

With the football transfer market coming up, there is much speculation about the transfers that will come about, including whether or not Suso will be picked up by another team or if he will stay within his current contract and ride it out. There is no telling what will happen until it happens. It is an exciting time for football players and fans all over the world.

An Early Start to His Career

You may remember him from when he played for Liverpool starting in 2012 until his contract ran out in 2015. When he signed for Liverpool, he was just 17 years old, a very young age for someone to be playing in the Premier League. He caught a break when another team member became injured in the middle of a game. While his time with Liverpool started out with many impressive plays, it was short-lived. He did not make the best impression shortly after his contract began. Not having the best of luck, he was fined by the FA for making inappropriate comments and following the incident, did not play well. His contract was not renewed and he was picked up by Milan.

Playing in Milan

Now that he has had a chance to prove himself playing in Milan, Suso is quoted as saying, “I would like to play for Liverpool again someday.” His current contract with Milan will last him through the summer of 2022. The only way out would be for release clause included in his contract to be honored. It would need to be something both parties would want pretty badly considering the release clause would cost €40m. That is a hefty price to pay to get out of a contract, and it means that Milan definitely wants to keep him. He has netted 8 times in 50 appearances. His current coach believed in him and saw the opportunity for much improvement. Turns out, he was right.

What The Future Holds

While Suso has said that he enjoys playing in Milan, returning to Liverpool and the Premier League sounds likely in the future. Being such a young player, he basically grew up on the team. Since the release clause would cost so much money, it goes to show how much his reputation has come since his time in Liverpool.

At the end of the day, Suso will most likely honor his current contract with Milan until it is up in 2022, but he hopes to join Liverpool again one day and fans can only hope.