Live betting tips

Not so long ago, once the game started and you have made the bet, all you could do was sit back and watch until it was over and you could collect your winnings. Nothing stopped you from making your predictions in-play, but bookmakers were not able to accept bets if they were not made pre-game, or with any luck, at half-time, because they simply did not have the technology. With the arrival of live betting, or in-play betting, everything changed.

Live betting allows you to place your bets in real time. Bookmakers now offer it because the technology has enabled them to provide their clients with an online bet placing service while the game is in progress, which makes watching and betting on sports exhilarating.

Live betting differs greatly from pre-game betting and it offers a lot more options, so it is useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve which can help you be more successful. One thing is to do your research. Those who are good at betting do not wait for the whistle to blow and mark the beginning of the match. They do extensive research before it. They try to find reviews of online bonus codes like the Novibet promo code 2019 beforehand to see if they can use them. They invest in those sports they have great knowledge of, keep track of statistics and changes, which helps them pick an outcome to place to put their bet on because odds are that it is more likely to happen.

Even tiny details can affect the odds, and sometimes it is required to think fast when deciding what to bet on, so being concentrated works in your favor. If you keep your focus, you can notice details that you would otherwise miss out, and they could be the ones to change the outcome. If you are serious about this, you can always enjoy the game with no distractions (for example, company and drinks) because they are more likely to cost you.

More experienced and successful punters would tell you to bet on the favorite even if they are losing because that would bring the biggest gain. During the game, bookmakers are constantly readjusting the odds for live bets made before the game depending on what is happening. If a favored football team receives a goal during the first half, placing bets on them during in-game will be at a significantly more favorable rate than at the beginning.

Many bookmakers offer special bets which can bring great gains and should be utilized during the game. For example, in football you can place your bets not only on guessing the score, the outcome or the players who might score, but also on the number of cards being shown or the number of corner kicks, etc.

Betting responsibly is also very important. You should always know your limits and keep track of the amounts you are betting. Live betting is happening fast, and there are almost no limits for placing bets, so keeping your head cool is very important in the heat of the moment. That is why an excellent piece of advice is to start with low amounts at first and be prepared for the losses as well.