Football betting strategies

Football betting is becoming more and more popular, resulting in a higher number of betting tips, strategies and guides. Some of them promise a path from rags to riches, others guarantee instant wins, but everybody knows that perfect systems like those do not exist. It does not matter whether you’re betting to win cash or just for fun using BetYetu Coupon Code – the final goal is to defeat your bookie and come out a champion! Instead of trying to hack the betting system, read through our list of proven strategies and play smarter!

  1. Check the team form

If you are betting on your favorite team, make sure you stay on track of their form and activities during the season. Read the match reports, follow players’ injuries and have in mind the overall mood of the team. If the team has had tough matches in the last couple of days, make sure the next match you’re betting on is important for them, as well as it is for you. Teams focus on saving the most valued players for the games of greater importance.

  1. Look at the records

Check the team’s home and away statistics. Some teams have an advantage on the home ground, others do better when they are playing away. Follow the records on a weekly basis and keep track of them to ensure greater odds.

  1. Read the news

Stay tuned for any important things regarding the team you are betting on. Follow the injuries and suspensions, see the list of players who are missing certain matches and the reasons why. Get to know the substitutions for the injured/suspended players.

  1. Check the schedule

A tight schedule means more pressure is put on the players. They could be tired, in a bad mood or injured at the time you want to place a bet. Importance of the next match plays a great part in the team’s motivation keep track of your team at all times.

  1. Follow smaller leagues and markets

You are more likely to find better value in Italy Serie B than in the Premier League, because analysts focus on better teams and games rather than on the smaller leagues. That’s where the profit is!

  1. Discipline is the key

Have in mind your goal at all times – stay focused, don’t let temptation overtake you. Fixtures come out every day – if today’s matches don’t fit you, tomorrow might be your day!

  1. Don’t quit

You won’t get rich overnight, so be patient. You have to work on your betting strategies and improve over time. Failure is not an option.

  1. Stick to your staking system

Choose a method based on your betting profile. More important than the amount of your bet is the game you’re betting on. Once you find out a winning system, stick to it!

  1. Bet smart

Don’t bet on teams you know nothing about. Do a research of the market if you are to bet on it. Smaller leagues do carry a greater amount of value, but if you do not know anything about them, you might lose the entire profit! Football is unpredictable, try to limit your confidence.

  1. Bet for value

Try to find matches with greater odds – remember, you’re doing this for the money! It will be a never-ending search, since the market is always expanding, yet you’ll get a grasp of it very soon.

And there you have it. There is no certified formula which will guarantee a 100% chance of winning every time, yet, with some of these strategies, you’ll surely become a smarter punter.