FIFA 19 – What can we expect?

The newest release of one of the most popular football games of all time, FIFA, which the loyal sports fans who often use offers like 1xBet promo code to support the actual players FIFA has been based on were hoping to see soon, has been debated a lot. Should the new FIFA 19 follow its predecessors, it would be available by late September 2018. However, there have been some rumors that there might not be a FIFA 19 release.

EA Sports chief executive stated that the game could move to the subscription service as Netflix has. Basically, players should get only as much as they pay for, they could choose the price plan and other options included in the subscription. However, a problem that could arise is with the implementation of such a large service into the game – it would be time and money-consuming. Fans should be able to download FIFA 19 or get their physical copy as usual – by the end of the year. The official date for the release has not been set yet – the EA representatives should tell us more when they unveil the game at the E3 event in Los Angeles. EA Sports followed an almost impeccable pattern over the years – usually, the FIFA game came out in September, or the beginning of October. It would be weird if they decided to change the pattern after all the years.

FIFA 19 should cost around £49.99 ($69.99) for the standard edition. Special packs should cost up to £80-90 ($110-125), and they should offer gamers various extras and benefits before regular players. FIFA 19 will be available on all the major gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo’s Switch is also one of the possible platforms for the game, even though EA should continue to use a different engine on Switch, due to its versatile configuration. The users of the old consoles, such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will not be able to play FIFA 19 on their “obsolete” platforms, and should opt for another solution.

When talking about the game’s features, players should expect the ever-so-popular mode, The Journey, to return. That would be the mode’s third appearance in the row. Players loved it, so EA Sports concluded it would be for the best to return the mode to the game once again. Gamers should expect to have an option to pay real cash to open packs which contain real players, who will benefit the team when used. It is still under debate, but “dynamic weather” could finally appear in the game. It would mean that the weather conditions should change, thus altering the flow of the game. Elements like snow or rain could make players get injured or commit fouls and mistakes. The only thing players would really like is a stable server with a better performance. The EA Sports servers were said to be unstable and unreliable, always failing and disconnecting, thus affecting games and preventing winning rewards. Another interesting thing about this year’s FIFA edition is the possible signing of a contract with UEFA. Namely, UEFA confirmed that they will end their ten-year collaboration with Konami and PES after this year’s Champions League final. This means that the PES series will lose their exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions and the Europa League, and FIFA will enter the race for the rights. All of this remains to be seen in the following months – stay tuned!